Рингтон Dangerkids - Light Escapes

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He used to lie awake counting breaths
Each one he used was one less left
Deep in his chest
The hope was gone
Of him getting out or him moving on
A hopeless song
Stirred in his head
Months at a time but he couldn't lie
He couldn't time and he couldn't rhyme
Or express himself to save his life

He'd put his favorite records on
Innerparty and Linkin Park
He'd close his eyes and he'd sing along
But he'd never make it on his own
It's not the time and it's not the place
To have to eat your words
Cause it's not the fall and it's not the fail
It's what you do right afterwards

And at these words I hope you rise
Dig in deep and then choose a side
Grab the mic and you'll shock them all
With your steady hands and wild eyes
Wild fires deep inside
Torch them all and leave none alive
If some survive then tell your friends
A broken watch, a bad time
So here's my match, let's burn them all
Before the fall of man
It's time to stand or stand for nothing at all

I hope you bury this deep in your mind
It carries on
(It's not like it was before)
It never dies
(So tell me now, what do you stand for?)
Before the scars and the secrets you hide
I'll burn them all
(It's not like it was)
Your ghosts inside
(So tell me now, what do you stand for?)

Not long ago the darkest place
Shadows live and light escapes
Empty hands and hollow eyes
That never give and only take
One mistake you'll come to see
Is how you doubted thoughtlessly
Is how you only recognize
The person that I used to be

So here's my match, let's burn it up
Take everything you can
Before you fly you know
You gotta learn to stand

And I've been there before
Their torches in hand
I'll steady my feet
And learn how to stand
And I'll burn alive
But you'll know who I am
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